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Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Offering custom systems for rainwater detention

Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts, and stores rainwater for later use. The method of harvesting rainwater is an innovative approach to use water more efficiently, resulting in monetary savings. A rainwater harvesting system captures rainwater from a roof or other manmade, above ground collection surface. Rainwater can be used for various applications, including landscaping, in-home use, livestock, fire protection, stormwater management, and facility/equipment washing. While there are laws pertaining to rainwater harvesting in some states, New York is not one of them. 


Around Safewelltech's service area of the Capital Region of Upstate NY, we see average annual precipitation levels between 35 to 50 inches of rainwater. For every 1,000 ft of capture surface, one sq inch of rainfall can result in the collection of approximately 600 gallons of water. This makes rainwater collection a very good option to supplement your water source, particularly for those reliant on well water.

Benefits of Reusing Rainwater

  • Reduce the need to use well water or municipal water for non-potable purposes.

  • Reduce water cost by offsetting potable water demand for non-potable purposes.

  • Reliable backup source of water for emergency situations.

  • Decreased erosion from rainwater runoff.

  • Naturally free of chlorine and fluoride – perfect for irrigating.

Additionally, in our service area of Albany, NY and the surrounding areas of the Capital Region, most municipalities use salt to keep our roads safe in the winter. However, this salt can infiltrate soil on a property and inhibit vegetation growth. Rainwater, however, is free of salts and minerals. When rainwater percolates into the soil it pushes the salt away from the root zones, promoting healthy root growth.

Custom Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

Rainwater harvesting systems aren’t just glorified rain barrels. They can be sophisticated and complex systems. While everyone focuses on the rainwater tank or cistern, there are many other parts and pieces of the system that require expertise and attention to detail in order to integrate the system with your house or property.  Our experience will help you create an efficient, safe, aesthetically fitting, and “as maintenance-free as possible” system.

While there are consistent principles to rainwater harvesting, Safewelltech system designs have evolved through our knowledge, experience and with the latest technology. We provide customized rainwater harvesting systems that are optimized for your collection area and give you the most convenient method of using the rainwater to maximize your savings and reduce your environmental footprint.

Safewelltech designs and installs rainwater harvesting systems to fit the residential and agricultural needs of customers in the Capital Region of Upstate NY. Contact us for a free consultation.

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