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Solar Well Pump Systems

Environmentally friendly, reliable, affordable

Traditional well pumps are reliant on an electrical power source to allow for continuous water flow from the well. Advancements in solar panel technology now allow homeowners and agricultural businesses other, as effective options, for their well pumps.


Today's solar well pumps are high power, low maintenance, efficient, commercial products that provide all of the electricity needed to pump water from hundreds of feet underground. While initially solar systems were exorbitantly high priced for homeowners and smaller businesses, solar cell manufacturing has progressed to the point where they are now very affordable. 


Advantages of Solar Well Pumps

Solar well pumps are great options for an isolated or rural location where you need to pump water. Trenching main power to a remote location can be costly in both time and money. Solar panels eliminate this expense. Solar well pumps are also reliable options for areas that are subject to frequent power outages or power inconsistency or for those interested in off-the-grid living.

Solar Well Pumps in Upstate NY

In our service area of the Capital Region of Upstate NY, a solar well pump can provide a cost effective and reliable solution for homeowners and agricultural businesses. We have performed solar well pump system installations around the Albany, NY area to provide reliable water sources for farming, livestock, irrigation, and deep well water storage purposes. 

Solar pumps are available in jet pump or submersible versions fitting all well depths. Adding a storage tank and increasing the size of the pumping system means that you can have excess water stored for continual use.

Contact Safewelltech today to design a custom solar powered well system to meet all of your well water needs.

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