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Well Pump Repair and Replacement 

Safewelltech provides repair and maintenance of all makes and models of submersible well pumps and jet pumps.

At Safewelltech we understand how important it is to have clean, flowing water throughout the house. When the water suddenly goes out or water pressure decreases, families can be left without a way to restore normal functionality to their home. We have years of experience in servicing and installing water pumps, and serving a wide array of areas in the Capital Region of NY and Western MA. 

We pride ourselves on being prepared and efficient in our business, which means that we can provide the best well pump repair service with minimal down time, often having your water back on within the day. Our well service trucks are fully stocked with pumps, pipes, tanks, wires, fittings, and components to service any problem that may be present.

All of our well pumps come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years from the date of installment. Please note, however, that this warranty only covers the cost of purchasing a replacement pump. Labor fees for pump installation may still apply.


Signs of Well Pump Failure

If any of the following issues apply to your well pump system, promptly schedule well pump repair. 

  • Little or no water in the home

  • Intermittent water in the home

  • Rapid changes in water pressure

  • No well water pressure or low well water pressure

  • Well pump will not turn on

  • Well pump continues to run

  • Well pump makes strange noises


Emergency Well Pump Repairs

If you have a well pump emergency or 'no water' emergency around the Capital Region of Upstate NY, call Safewelltech.

Well Pressure Switch Repairs

A well pressure switch simply tells your well pump to turn on and off.  It’s designed to simply monitor pressure and let more water flow into your system when the pressure falls below a certain PSI. It then turns off your pump when the PSI hits the maximum amount allowed. Common pressure switch issues can include a clogged pressure sensor, a damaged diaphragm, bad electrical contacts, and/or a pressure switch leaking.  Safewelltech can diagnosis and determine if you are having well pump issues or a just a well pressure switch problem.

Benefits Of Well Pump Maintenance & Repair

Not only is a broken water well pump incredibly frustrating to deal with, but it can also be a major inconvenience for everyone in the household. If a well pump system is properly maintained throughout its lifetime, the likelihood of failure is immensely reduced, and homeowners can enjoy fresh, consistent water for years to come. The cost of a well pump replacement is also going to heavily outweigh the cost of regular service and maintenance. We recommend a yearly inspection of your water pump system, even if the system performs properly. Annual or semi-annual well maintenance call also often catch or prevent well pressure switch issues.

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