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Well Pump Installation 

Safewelltech is an expert at jet pump and submersible well pump installations in the Capital Region 

Safewelltech's core expertise is well pump installations and replacements around the Albany, NY area. We install all types of well pumps including jet pumps and submersible well pumps. We can install and replace well pumps for dug and shallow wells, as well as deep wells up to 500ft.

Choosing a well pump is fairly straightforward and mainly depends on your well depth. Because you are drawing water from an underground well, the pump needs to be powerful enough to draw enough water to keep water pressure and flow consistent to each water fixture in your home. 

If your pump doesn’t match the depth of your water well, you can expect the pump to cycle on or off or to continue running unnecessarily, shortening its life and adding to your energy bills. 

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Shallow Well Pump Installation / Dug Well Pump Installation

Shallow well pumps around the Capital Region area are found in locations where the well is less than 25 feet deep. We see many shallow or dug wells on older properties in the Capital Region of Upstate NY. Shallow wells require a jet pump. This style of pump is not submersible and is placed outside the well in a well housing.


The best shallow well pump systems are accompanied by a tank or a booster to increase PSI, which provides constant water pressure to your home. If pump size is a restriction due to your well housing, we will select a pump with a booster as this will take up less space.

Deep Well Jet Pumps

Jet pumps come in two options, shallow well or deep well. Both pump types sit above the ground. Deep well jet pumps use two lines, one for pulling the water, and one for pushing the water into the delivery system. Deep well jet pumps can pump water from wells that range from 25 to 110 feet deep.

Deep Well Submersible Pumps

Deep well pumps in the Capital Region are used in wells from 100 to 500 feet below ground. Unlike shallow wells or those under 100 feet, deep well pumps use a submersible well pump. The pump is submerged well below the static water level but not at the bottom of the well. Usually a submersible well pump is installed with a pressure tank next to the pump. The pump does not cycle on until the tank drops below a specific level. The pressure or holding tank sits a few feet away from the well head. A pressure regulator installed inline after the tank controls the water pressure in the lines and the flow to the tank. It shuts off the pump when the tank is full. 

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Safewelltech is a Goulds Pro-Dealer Offering a Five Year Warranty

Safewelltech is a pro-dealer for Goulds Water jet and submersible well pumps and water systems. As a pro-dealer for Goulds Water pumps our customers receive a five year warranty on well pumps purchased and installed by Safewelltech. This is an additional two years beyond Gould's general three year pump warranty. 

For more information on Goulds Water Pumps

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