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Well Shocking Services

My well has tested positive for bacteria now what?

If your well has tested positive for Coliform or E.coli bacteria Safewelltech recommends a shock chlorination disinfection treatment to remove these contaminants. If you are in the process of selling your home and your well has tested positive for Coliform or E.coli often you will need to have your well "shocked" to remove these bacteria before it can be cleared for sale. 

Well Shocking services for Albany, NY region

During a shock chlorination service Safewelltech introduces very high levels of chlorine into your water system. We ensure all parts of your water system and plumbing are treated. We also inspect and disinfect your well head and well casing to ensure they are properly sealed and do not have any cracks that will allow new contaminants into your well.


Well shocking provides a one time disinfection of your water system. Safewelltech includes a follow-up water test to ensure your system is cleared of contaminates. It is important to note depending on your source of contamination, your water may again have exposure to bacteria and an annual "shock" service or a more regular water treatment plan may need to be established.


To ensure your household has consistent access to safe water, Safewelltech recommends well owners test their water annually or after any maintenance or replacement well or plumbing work has been done to ensure the well has not been contaminated. It is particularly important to test a well if at any time, change in taste, odor or appearance of the water is noticed.

For more information on Coliform contamination in your well water, check out our blog post "My Well has Coliform, Should I Drink my Water."

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